What Is ASMR and What Are The Benefits of ASMR


what is asmr

ASMR is a concept that has become popular in many points, especially in social media platforms. ASMR stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response. It is believed that this concept, which is formed with dense but low frequencies of sounds and gives a message of relaxation to the brain, has neurobiological foundations. Many Youtubers or Instagram phenomena produce content by combining ASMR videos with their own video concepts. Many studies have shown that women’s ASMR videos are watched intensively, especially by men. The re-creation of ASMR videos in different categories contributed to the spread of these videos. So, what is ASMR? What is the secret of the effects of ASMR? Is there any scientific explanation behind ASMR? What are the benefits of ASMR? Today you will find a detailed description of all these questions in this article. If you want to learn more about ASMR and ASMR videos, you can read the rest of our article.

What Is ASMR?

ASMR stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response. The effect of ASMR videos on the brain of individuals is called cerebral orgasm or brain tingling. Steady object movements with low sound allow the brain to stop focusing on sounds after a point and move from a higher point to perception level. Today, thousands of different activities can be reduced to the level of meditation. Many different activities can become individuals’ way of meditating. Meditation is to eliminate the crowded stimuli between the world and our brain and ensure that the brain focuses on the transcendent being in that moment. This is exactly what ASMR videos provide. For those who ask what is ASMR, we can give the shortest answer as follows: ASMR can be defined as a kind of meditation. Why Do People Call ‘’Brain Message’’ To ASMR Videos?

asmr relax
asmr relax

What Are The Benefits of ASMR?

The benefits of ASMR are considerable. In fact, it is much easier to apply ASMR compared to other types of meditation. Therefore, there are many people who prefer to relax with ASMR both in business and daily life. This may be one of the reasons why the ASMR is so popular. One of the most frequently asked questions about ASMR is: Does ASMR solve the focusing problem? ASMR can be used in workplaces if it has a healing effect on focusing. You can find detailed information about the use of ASMR in the workplaces. Does ASMR No Talking Videos Provide Spiritual Relaxation?

– ASMR Helps to Focus

ASMR videos put an end to your mind’s quest for different stimuli. Listening to a fixed frequency on a regular basis and hearing a quiet voice makes your mind focus more quickly on the stimulus you are requesting. ASMR videos are also very useful for minimizing the distraction problem you often experience when you focus on a job. Many people watch ASMR videos while they are focused on personal or professional work.

ASMR started to be used by the bosses in terms of increasing the productivity and performance of the employees in the collective work areas and ensuring the completion of more work within a certain hour. Some companies allow employees to watch ASMR video during business.

– ASMR Helps to Relax

ASMR videos are also often preferred by individuals with anger control problems. Instead of making actions that may have bad consequences for their sudden feelings, individuals can calm down by watching the ASMR video. ASMR videos, which provide the brain with pleasure, are becoming a supportive factor for people to control their anger. Dopamine and serotonin secreted during ASMR videos help calm the person. Melatonin is also secreted more intensively by individuals watching the video.

– ASMR Helps to Overcome Insomnia

Watching ASMR videos gives your brain a signal to take action on some issues. One of these points is the melatonin synthesis center. The high secretion of melatonin hormone helps to regulate sleep. However, this is often interpreted as ASMR videos bring sleep. However, this is a very wrong idea. Melatonin does not cause a person to sleep. Thanks to melatonin, we show a tendency to be vigilant during the hours of daylight, and a tendency to sleep during the absence of daylight. In this way, we can overcome the insomnia problem we have at night. This is the answer to the question whether ASMR brings sleep.

– ASMR Helps to Slow Down the Heartbeat

There are many individuals who have feelings of excessive stress, excitement and anxiety in everyday life. Especially if you are an individual who has developed a phobia about something that is often encountered in the modern world, you will often notice that your heart beats quickly in everyday life. This prevents both normal living and focusing. It is very difficult to lead a life like this. Therefore, individuals with anxiety problems often prefer to use medication. Are ASMR videos good for anxiety? The answer is yes. Of course, ASMR videos cannot be used as a treatment. Also, the effects of these videos may vary from person to person. However, when the general findings were examined, it was seen that the heart rate of individuals who watched the ASMR video decreased.

– ASMR Helps to be Happy

In order to feel happier, more satisfied and more enjoyable in daily life, some essential hormones must be secreted by our body. The hormone serotonin is one of them. ASMR videos provide the secretion of the hormone serotonin. This makes you feel happier in everyday life. Moreover, this is not limited to serotonin. The ability to focus more easily, relieve anxiety, and regenerate sleep patterns will all have a positive impact on your overall happiness and life satisfaction. Therefore, ASMR has been preferred by many people recently. Do ASMR videos make people happy? Of course it cannot make it by itself. But yes, it helps people to be.

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