Does watching ASMR videos while working improve our performance?


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The brain performs its functions by making sense of the signals received from various sensory organs. Many factors are effective in the emergence of human perception. The effects of these factors on the senses also affect brain functions.

Working with a focus on working life or any subject is only possible by controlling and manipulating the sensory organs. All distractions interfere with or influence brain signals in some way, preventing performance work.

Distraction is a major problem, but dozens of different situations create barriers to efficient and productive work. ASMR video content is performance-enhancing when properly prepared. It is very useful to monitor ASMR video content before or during work, even if it is not working.

asmr work
asmr work

What Content Should I Opt For To Work Better?

The concepts conceptualized as ASMR do not include concepts such as best or most accurate. Any content of average quality can give you performance. Which content to choose depends entirely on personal tastes and psychological state.

While some ASMR content is far from providing you with performance, the type of ASMR content you may not expect will significantly improve your work performance. This is all about the mechanism of action.

When the brain is focused on any point or work, the waves it emits can become quite erratic. Signal waves emitted during operation are very similar to brain waves emitted in case of severe depression. Is ASMR Beneficial for Depression?

When viewing ASMR video content, waves change similarly in a peaceful person; it does not fully capture this wavelength, but it gets closer. Naturally, when the correct content is preferred, the brain does not react as though it is under heavy load.

It is possible to define the brain as an organ that can learn and adapt. When your brain encounters any stimulus, its response after adapting to the stimulus will be quite different. It is not possible to manage for years with a single video after capturing the continuous tingling sensation.

Over time, the brain will neutralize the response to the relevant ASMR content by minimizing it. Therefore, genres should be considered when searching for ASMR video content. Since there will be a need for continuous new content in general, channels that produce continuous content should be followed.

Is Working Effectively with ASMR a Sustainable Process?

Sustainability is one of the most important factors in business and school life. Once the ASMR works, it does not cause a significant performance increase. This needs to be consumed continuously. A continuous process called brain orgasm will facilitate the control of brain waves.

Over time, it will be possible to continuously improve the working performance of ASMR by consuming the right ingredients. In recent years, the consumption trend towards related content has increased the number of contents and has made its effects more calibratable.

Benefits of ASMR Videos for Working Process

The sound waves offered by ASMR videos provide stimuli to individuals in a fairly regular and stable manner. Providing the same stimulus level to the brain regularly ensures that the brain is unresponsive to this stimulus. The brain, which is unresponsive to the meaning of the stimulus, can focus more easily on the moment the stimulus is presented. Therefore, watching ASMR videos in the working process will provide a significant benefit to the brain’s ability to focus on any task. Watching ASMR videos while working can be more beneficial than listening to many different types of music. Do ASMR videos increase motivation? These videos had no direct effect on motivation. But the extra benefit of videos in focusing and in the workforce will also indirectly affect motivation.

Watching ASMR videos while working can be a good method, especially offered by managers for other employees. This method allows individuals to focus more easily on the job.

In addition, the benefits of watching ASMR videos are enormous. For example, watching or listening to ASMR videos during sleep will allow people to have more useful sleep. A more beneficial and efficient sleep helps individuals become more energetic during the day. In addition, adequate sleep will minimize the risk of individuals entering a depression. In such a scenario, it can be said that individuals will perform better in the workplace.

Watching ASMR videos while working: More Tolerance, More Relax Times

The content of ASMR videos makes individuals feel relaxed. This situation will increase the tolerance of individuals to stress factors that may arise in daily life. As tolerance increases, individuals’ performance in coping with stressful situations will increase.
As is known, it is very important to develop skills such as coping with stressful situations in business and crisis management. Developing these skills always helps to manage things more successfully. Therefore, ASMR videos are preferred in business life.

ASMR videos can be preferred in business as well as when there is a need to focus on any work at home. For example, watching ASMR videos while working will make you feel better and easier to focus on while you’re trying to make a puzzle or make an effort to do a repair.

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