Does ASMR No Talking Videos Provide Spiritual Relaxation?


ASMR No Talking

The environment in which the brain starts to rest itself is peaceful and free of the human voice. Although this is not the case for all people, nature sounds, animal sounds and instrumental sounds are the main types of relaxing sounds.

Extra rustling, paper cutting, eating sounds can also have relaxing items. In ASMR videos, the genres that are free of the human voice are called ASMR No Talking content. These contents are very different from videos with meaningful conversations and the human voice and address a specific audience.

People who cannot relax with human voice and feel the tingling experience can experience ASMR with such non-speaking content.

asmr no talking relax
asmr no talking relax

What Type of Content Does ASMR No Talking Category Have?

ASMR has a wide range of content. As a natural consequence of the fact that each person is affected by different stimuli, the number of ingredients to be produced is increasing. Although ASMR has just entered our lives, the number of content is expressed in tens of thousands.

– In other words, a serious quest is needed to experience the sensation expressed as tingling or brain orgasm. ASMR No Talking content is also a must stop.

We can put all of the contents into this category without speech, meaningful words, but capable of affecting the brain with the right stimuli.

– Sounds with the rustling of light breaking effects are the main content area. In general, these sounds are obtained by rubbing the sheets together or breaking the materials that can break quickly. Some people have a similar feeling of being tickled against such sounds.

– In the middle of nature, the contents of the mixture of sounds of rivers, birds, tree leaves and sounds of rain and lightning are included in ASMR No Talking. It is important that the human brain is accustomed to these sounds in terms of capturing the right feelings.

– Sounds similar to those heard in the womb fall into this category, which is known to be a serious psychological element. These sounds are used not only for ASMR but also for other treatments.

In addition, it is possible to mention dozens of different ASMR contents. The general requirement is that there is no limit to the content.

Does Non-Speech Content Work?

Serious discussions about ASMR are still ongoing. Although there are so much content and easy access that makes people doubt, scientific research shows that ASMR content offers certain relief even if it is not 100% successful.

Effects such as relief from depression, feeling happier, regulating blood pressure and lowering heart rhythm have been identified. In ASMR No Talking contents that do not contain speech, these effects may also occur in some people.  asmr for depression

In other words, when the correct sound and visual stimuli are detected and listened at the right time, such content works seriously. The important thing is to find the right content manufacturer and the right content.

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