Are ASMR Videos Addictive?


ASMR Videos Addictive

Everyone knows that ASMR videos are highly effective. Today, many ASMR videos are watched by hundreds of thousands of people. One of the main reasons why these videos are watched by so many people is that these videos have very positive effects. These positive effects can make the video watchers addictive to these videos. If you have question marks in mind about ASMR videos, you can read our article what is ASMR and you can return to this article later.

It is possible to say that ASMR videos are especially shot by female vloggers. The reason for this is not known exactly. But when research is conducted through gender roles theory, it is still easier to understand why ASMR videos are often shot by women. Many people ask whether ASMR videos can create addictions. It is also possible that ASMR videos, which give pleasure to the brain and give a sense of satisfaction to individuals, can cause addiction. Is this addictive feeling experienced by ASMR video viewers? Is it possible for ASMR video viewers to be addictive? Are ASMR videos addictive? You can continue reading our article for answers to all these questions.


Addictive Features of ASMR Videos

It is true that ASMR videos delight many people. This pleasure should not be confused with physical pleasure directly. The pleasure of such videos is defined as mental pleasure or brain orgasm. ASMR’s own scientific definition is made as autonomous sensory meridian response. From the definition of ASMR, it is possible to say that it is quite desirable. We become addicted to what we like in everyday life and give us pleasure. It is also possible to be addict on ASMR. Of course, this is not the case for normal viewing of ASMR videos. But under very outlier circumstances, it is possible that in an asocial environment, an individual watching only ASMR videos will depend on these videos over time. Does ASMR help our mental problems?

There are several addictive features of ASMR videos. First of all, the secretion of the hormone serotonin in our body, which can make us happy, increases as we watch the ASMR video. In addition, the release of melatonin hormone, which is also associated with happiness, is increasing while watching the ASMR video. All of these conditions may increase the likelihood of physiological addictiveness that ASMR videos may create.

Are ASMR Videos Harmful?

Most of the questions asked about addiction continue with a different concern. Are ASMR videos harmful? We have provided detailed information in an article we have previously shared on this subject. In summary, however, we can say that ASMR videos did not have any harmful effects. Therefore, you can be comfortable with this. To learn more about ASMR videos, read the other articles that we have published before about ASMR.

ASMR videos are watchable by different ages. Your child also can watch these videos, as long as he or she likes it and finds them enjoyable.

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