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ASMR Anxiety

ASMR Anxiety videos can be used for Treatment?


Anxiety is a result of genetic and psychological problems that can be called anxiety in the future. This problem, usually ...

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What Is ASMR and What Are The Benefits of ASMR


ASMR is a concept that has become popular in many points, especially in social media platforms. ASMR stands for Autonomous ...

ASMR No Talking

Does ASMR No Talking Videos Provide Spiritual Relaxation?


The environment in which the brain starts to rest itself is peaceful and free of the human voice. Although this ...

Why Do People Call ‘’Brain Message’’ To ASMR Videos?


New habits in the modern world can make individuals feel very tired in their daily lives. This often causes them ...

Is ASMR Beneficial for Depression?


Even the healthiest person gets depressed at certain periods of his life, albeit briefly. Under normal conditions, depression decreases when ...