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Do ASMR Back Scratch videos create a sense of psychological relaxation?


People may like to itch on the body from time to time. This is caused by a sudden increase in ...

asmr health

Is ASMR Good For Health?


We have been seeing ASMR videos frequently on social media platforms and many websites in recent years. It’s not a ...

ASMR Anxiety

ASMR Anxiety videos can be used for Treatment?


Anxiety is a result of genetic and psychological problems that can be called anxiety in the future. This problem, usually ...

asmr Tingling

Why Does ASMR Cause Tingling?


The recent popularity of ASMR videos has led to an increase in the number of individuals doing research on ASMR ...

asmr cracks

What are the Effects and Feelings of ASMR Neck Crack Videos?


Pain and pain in soft muscles, neck muscles, and the body, in general, have serious psychological effects. In order for ...

asmr brush

Why are ASMR Glow Brushing videos so popular with viewers?


ASMR is a whole of stimulants, women, soothing sounds, emotion releases, memories and a sense of relaxation. In order to ...

Can Asmr Be Dangerous?


If you’re wondering the mystery of ASMR videos and are trying to figure out why ASMR videos have become so ...

asmr massage

How Does watching ASMR massage videos affect our bed performance?


Brain manipulation underlies ASMR contents. Factors that cause a decrease in sexual performance are all related to psychology. Any factor ...

what is asmr

What Is ASMR and What Are The Benefits of ASMR


ASMR is a concept that has become popular in many points, especially in social media platforms. ASMR stands for Autonomous ...

ASMR Videos Addictive

Are ASMR Videos Addictive?


Everyone knows that ASMR videos are highly effective. Today, many ASMR videos are watched by hundreds of thousands of people. ...

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