Do ASMR Back Scratch videos create a sense of psychological relaxation?


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People may like to itch on the body from time to time. This is caused by a sudden increase in blood in the region of itch, which reaches its peak with scratch and causes the brain to release hormones of happiness.

It will not be wrong to say that the itching that does not overdo them are the ones that provide the most happiness. The main purpose of ASMR Back Scratch content is to imitate this instant happiness and to provide the comfort of viewers.

ASMR Back Scratch content is usually taken by two people. These two people are usually women, as male ASMR audiences are much higher. The aim is both to activate visual stimuli and to release itch-centered happiness hormones.

The fact that the content is on the itchiness does not prevent the use of other ASMR techniques. Low and erotic tone conversations, rustling, sound games with microphones, stereo sound effects are often used. This allows the viewer to be influenced in many ways.

Usually, only a woman’s back and hair are visible. Hair, scratching and itching process by the person who will make professional movements are thrown left and right. These hair movements create a natural itch. In addition, hair-like tools on the back of the woman can be scratched by observing the person. This is essential for the use of empathy and forms the basis for ASMR Back Scratch videos.

ASMR back
ASMR back

Is it normal to be unable to focus on the itch while watching the video?

The most common situation when viewing related content is that the viewer starts to itch. Since itching is usually psychologically contagious, many points of the body begin to itch. At this stage, focusing on the video rather than starting to itch will provide the right result. As you focus on the video, itching in the body will go away.

Relaxation will also occur when the woman in the video starts scratching. After a while, the transition to the so-called brain orgasm will be made and the entire body, especially the back, will experience a tingling sensation. In other words, it is very easy to capture the ASMR effect with ASMR Back Scratch contents if you are patient.

How to Find the Right Content?

It is unfortunately not possible for each back-scratching to produce the same effects. Even though content producers become professional day by day, the right content can still be produced by a limited number of channels. It can be quite uncomfortable, such as itching, to use for brain orgasm requires professionalism.

It will be useful to switch to channels that use the right equipment, send the right stimuli, and adjust the content length correctly. Some effort should be made to find such channels. Many channels and content should be tried; patients should be given to many channels and content. Only in this way is it possible to artificially create feelings caused by itching and scratching.

There are hundreds of ASMR Back Scratch videos on Youtube. These videos can be evaluated by filtering. If the most viewed, the most commented, or the most favorable comments are initially tested, it will be easier to find the right content and content producer.

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