Why Does ASMR Cause Tingling?


asmr Tingling

The recent popularity of ASMR videos has led to an increase in the number of individuals doing research on ASMR videos. The fact that many people watch ASMR videos is due to their positive effects. While many people enjoy ASMR videos, they’re not sure exactly how they feel. This mysterious effect of ASMR videos is called tingling. The sensation of tingling causes your brain to feel numb and enjoy. While your brain is experiencing the feeling of tingling, it secretes a lot of hormones and physiological changes in your body and psychological changes in your soul. The feeling of tingling can be called by some people as brain orgasm. The scientific name for this feeling is autonomous sensory meridian response. Your brain’s reaction to the sounds in these videos is like a tingling sensation. Your brain is enjoying this time. So how does this happen? Read the full article on Why Does ASMR Cause Tingling?

asmr Tingling
asmr Tingling

The Secret of ASMR Videos

ASMR videos, which have become very popular lately, have a very different effect. That’s why ASMR videos became so popular. In the past there were some videos that were quite popular in a period. In these videos, there are people who cut a soap or break up substances such as sponges. Strangely, such videos also had a relaxing and satisfying effect on people. The satisfying effect of all these is the same category as the satisfying effect of ASMR videos. The primitive brain somehow enjoys this kind of video or images. These images cause the brain to release the hormones that give us pleasure, excitement and anxiety, such as away from feelings. It’s causing the brain to tingle. Can ASMR Videos Help With Anxiety?

ASMR videos have many effects. Some hormones are active in order to provide the mentioned tingling effect of ASMR videos. The effect of serotonin hormone at this point is quite large. The serotonin hormone, which is somehow associated with the drowsiness of the brain, makes the brain happy and numb. This prevents the brain from distracting with other confusing stimuli. That’s why watching ASMR videos in action.

It is stated that people feel such an effect while experiencing some different feelings. For example, in people who realize that someone is intensely interested in an environment, this joyful tingling effect is sometimes active. In addition to hormones, this effect is thought to be related to the region that governs the most primitive impulses of the brain called amygdala. Both psychologists and neurologists are active in this field.

The mystery of ASMR videos is still not fully solved. Nevertheless, some findings from studies on individuals watching ASMR videos help us to explain this secret, albeit somewhat.

For example, the fact that individuals watching ASMR videos have a slower heart rhythm tells us that the way the body generally lives in the moment may be slowed down. Perhaps those who watch the ASMR video, like the meditating monks, are recreating their own perception of time and moving your bodies into a slower loop.

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