Can ASMR Videos Help With Anxiety?


Youtube and Instagram are defined as social media platforms that determine today’s trends at a high rate. One of these trends is ASMR videos. ASMR is the autonomous sensory meridian response. ASMR videos mean that your brain becomes careless about these stimuli as they are exposed to the same stimuli. The brain, which becomes inattentive and loses its sensitivity, experiences a tingling sensation. This feeling allows the brain to rest, making you feel as if you are not thinking about anything in the process. With ASMR videos, you can perform a mental meditation. Today, many people describe ASMR videos as massaging the brain. The comfort of these videos, lowering your stress level and creating a sense of satisfaction directly affect your behavior in daily life. Therefore, many people prefer ASMR videos to cope with anxiety. So, Can ASMR Videos Help With Anxiety? You can read the rest of the article to find a detailed answer to this question.

Help with Anxiety
Help with Anxiety

What Is the Relationship Between ASMR videos and Anxiety?

We know that ASMR videos help individuals fight anxiety. So how does this happen? We have already discussed in detail the benefits of ASMR videos. The benefits are generally 3 main results.

ASMR videos allow people to fall asleep more easily. Especially people with obsessive-compulsive disorder often have anxiety that something is wrong. This anxiety is supported by highly secreted adrenaline and dopamine. Less secretion of inhibitory hormones such as GABA or serotonin prevents the person from experiencing a moment of relaxation. In such cases, the intense blood flow that people feel, the quick-thinking process slows down. All this helps people get rid of problems such as anxiety. In such cases, people will be more capable of calming themselves.

Numerous scientific studies have been conducted on the benefits of ASMR videos. In general, it would not be wrong to say that watching such videos also contributes positively to the functioning of the body. The main contribution of such videos is to regulate blood flow and hormones in the body to ensure that organs work properly. Stress and anxiety are activated by the release of cortisol. The release of cortisol requires the organs to function. Stabilization of organs at a different frequency can help minimize stress and anxiety with ASMR videos. This is exactly the point where we answer Can ASMR Videos Help With Anxiety.

ASMR Videos Help With Anxiety, What Else?

We have explained in detail that ASMR videos can help you fight anxiety. Apart from anxiety, ASMR videos are frequently recommended for individuals with insomnia problems. For those who ask who should watch ASMR videos, this article will be a good answer. Individuals with such problems can receive support in increasing their psychological and psychological health by watching ASMR videos.

ASMR videos may have some extra impact on different sexes. In addition, ASMR videos can be very useful for problems such as depression. Don’t forget to check out our other articles for more information.

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