asmr Relaxation

asmr cracks

What are the Effects and Feelings of ASMR Neck Crack Videos?


Pain and pain in soft muscles, neck muscles, and the body, in general, have serious psychological effects. In order for ...

what is asmr

What Is ASMR and What Are The Benefits of ASMR


ASMR is a concept that has become popular in many points, especially in social media platforms. ASMR stands for Autonomous ...

asmr mental

Does ASMR help our mental problems?


An event or emotion can cause serious mental problems. If this process, which presents itself as depression, is not kept ...

ASMR No Talking

Does ASMR No Talking Videos Provide Spiritual Relaxation?


The environment in which the brain starts to rest itself is peaceful and free of the human voice. Although this ...

What is the effect of ASMR Nail Tapping videos?


Although nails are nerve free structures, they are very sensitive areas for many people. They do not cause any pain ...

asmr christmas girl

Why do men usually watch ASMR girl videos?


ASMR videos aim to influence the brain with audio and visual stimuli. When the correct video is found, it produces ...

Does watching ASMR videos while working improve our performance?


The brain performs its functions by making sense of the signals received from various sensory organs. Many factors are effective ...

ASMR Relaxation

Why do ASMR Videos Provide so much Relaxation?


The process conceptualized and presented as ASMR is essentially a process that humanity has known for thousands of years. The ...