Why Do People Call ‘’Brain Message’’ To ASMR Videos?


New habits in the modern world can make individuals feel very tired in their daily lives. This often causes them to not to focus problems, tend to be depressed and so on. Meditation is one of the most preferred methods to overcome such problems. It is possible to say that there are many types of meditation. Watching ASMR videos, which have become very popular lately, can be a delightful kind of meditation. The effect that ASMR videos have on you is often the same as that of intense meditation. Watching or listening to ASMR videos can be very useful in this respect after busy working days or when you are personally involved in your work. If you want to learn about the benefits of ASMR videos and understand why these videos have become so popular, read the rest of our article.

ASMR Videos’ Effects on People’s Psychology

There are many reasons why many people watch ASMR videos. First of all, it is possible to say that thanks to these videos, individuals feel better, get away from stress and get rid of their problems in daily life for a moment. In order to achieve all this, ASMR videos must be able to influence multiple regions of our brain. Most of the psychological effects of ASMR videos are due to hormonal changes.

asmr brain
asmr brain

As it is known, listening to ASMR videos while sleeping is quite popular recently. Because ASMR videos, which ensure the continuity of sleep quality and help people switch to sleep, help to secrete melatonin. In particular, individuals suffering from insomnia can fall asleep in a very short time thanks to the secretion of melatonin. Moreover, melatonin ensures that this sleep takes place without interruption. asmr for sleep

Another thing that ASMR videos provide is to alleviate depression. Depression is a result of a combination of variables such as fatigue, low serotonin, and sleep problems. Ensuring the disappearance of all these variables will also help to prevent depression. Watching ASMR videos may be helpful to eliminate these variables. asmr for depression

Brain Massage: ASMR Videos

The brain of an individual watching ASMR videos starts to rest because he is exposed to the same low voice. This stimulation of the brain allows the different parts of the brain to work in a balanced way, allowing the person to think of nothing in a sense. Such a situation makes individuals feel rested. After watching the ASMR video, you can focus on a task much easier. Therefore, the term message brain message AS is often used for ASMR videos.

ASMR videos have recently been broadcasted in different categories. The vast majority of these videos are often shot by women. ASMR videos, shot in different fields, attract the attention of individuals with different interests. ASMR vlogs are shared by many YouTubers as well as ASMR videos, which attracts, for example, makeup.

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