What is the effect of ASMR Nail Tapping videos?


Although nails are nerve free structures, they are very sensitive areas for many people. They do not cause any pain unless they are broken or damaged from the bottom. Nevertheless, the fact that it is considered a psychologically sensitive region causes the sounds produced by quotes to produce different effects in the brain.

Almost ninety percent of people are seriously susceptible to noises caused by nail rubbing or nail rubbing. Although most people use the term annoying, consumption of so-called ASMR Nail Tapping is also common.

Although this may seem a contradiction, it is possible to reveal the positive effects of the sound from the nails thanks to the professionally prepared ASMR content.

The main purpose of the content produced for the purpose of ASMR (usually video but sometimes audio recording) is to eliminate the negative psychological effects and to sustain the brain orgasm whose duration may last up to ten minutes.
Brain orgasm comes with a tingling-like feeling described as quite relaxing. The main purpose of both ASMR content producers and ASMR content consumers is to capture this feeling.

Many of the ingredients produced in the ASMR Nail Tapping category are also very successful in capturing this feeling. At first, sounds like inner tickling and irritating have positive effects over time.

ASMR Nail Tapping
ASMR Nail Tapping

To what extent should the sounds made by nails be tolerated?

People who seek to benefit from ASMR content need not tolerate anything. Not every sound or stimulus will have positive effects. In order to find the right content, you need to spend a lot of time working with quotes, which is the most challenging stage.
As it is seen as a sensitive area, people may be irritated while watching ASMR Nail Tapping videos. It is enough to be patient for a few days. If the desired tingling sensation does not occur, different types of ASMR contents should be tested.

Which of the sounds made by nails are more impressive?

It is unfortunately not possible to point out that content is 100% useful as it is not fully predicted which person will enjoy the sound or visuality. Experiences, things affected and many other personal elements should be taken into account and searched on an individual basis.

ASMR Nail Tapping videos generally consist of two types.

Many contents includes both:

– The content in which the sound created by making the nails visually perfect is in the background,

– Contents where the nails are again visually perfected but the sounds are more prominent.

The effects of these two types of content should be tried out. When the right content and content producer is found, both visual and sound stimuli will make it easier to achieve brain orgasm.
The point to note is that a visual agent such as nails should be used well. Sometimes the sounds are very impressive, but a slight defect in the nails causes the entire sensation to disappear.

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