Why do men usually watch ASMR girl videos?


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ASMR videos aim to influence the brain with audio and visual stimuli. When the correct video is found, it produces a tingling-like feeling. This feeling of relaxation brings many benefits. While the body is much healthier, eliminating psychological problems are the most common benefits, the purposeful ASMR contents can serve much more specific purposes.

On popular video and audio sharing platforms, most clickers on ASMR content are overwhelmingly men. A large number of males prefer girl ASMR content producers instead of male ASMR content producers. There are dozens of different reasons for this, both psychological and economic.

Psychological Reasons

Men are much more conservative in their relationship with their fellow men (if they are heterosexual). This is more noticeable, especially for some segments of society. Considering the general structure of ASMR contents, whispering, wheezing or moaning sounds are produced by a male and it may be considered wrong to affect the audience in any way.

This is not always the case with male psychology, but it directs men to girl ASMR content producers. While a considerable number of male audio content may prefer male ASMR content producers when it comes to video content ASMR, the preference shifts directly to female producers. This is related to the reconciliation of male psychology with visuality and the female body.

asmr girls
asmr girls

Economic Reasons

When constantly producing up-to-date content is followed, it will be seen that the vast majority are women. This is a natural consequence of males preferring girl ASMR producers, which in turn leads to the lack of continuity of male ASMR content producers over time. The lack of men who make money from ASMR content also leads to a very limited number of male ASMR content producers that can be selected. This is the case because only women producers remain as a natural result of the elections.

Other Reasons

Research has shown that a population ranging from ten to fifteen percent needs girl ASMR videos due to sexual problems. The fact that almost all of these people are male and heterosexual makes female content producers appeal to a greater number of people.
Men are also subjected to a natural process for themselves by choosing women to improve their sexual performance or to stabilize their psychological state. Since the main purpose of ASMR videos is to provide natural or customary sounds and sound frequencies, a man who likes women is definitely the woman’s choice for erotic sounds.

This provides both psychological relief and eliminates the problems that develop due to psychological problems. In other words, it is a natural process for men to prefer girl ASMR content producers in general. Women also often prefer male ASMR content producers.

The conclusion to be drawn from all these reasons can be summarized as sexual causes. Due to the attractiveness of women, men have a higher rate of preference for videos. The same applies to women.

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