Why do ASMR Videos Provide so much Relaxation?


ASMR Relaxation

The process conceptualized and presented as ASMR is essentially a process that humanity has known for thousands of years. The content presented as ASMR Relaxation is based on the use of stimulants that are purely human nature or habits.

Accurate sounds and visual stimuli bring the balance of brain waves. As a result of this rebalancing, there are situations such as an increase in sexual capacity, relief from depression and generalization of a relaxed mood.

People gain habits against certain sounds throughout their lives. Some of these sounds are from the womb of the mother. Both the sounds coming from the mother’s womb and the usual sounds are used in the content of ASMR Relaxation to ensure that human nature reaches the brain in an instant.

Those who have no chance to walk by the river, watch the waterfalls or be in a natural environment and enjoy the sound of the people who eat, and those who enjoy the whisper of speech, get their wishes thanks to ASMR content.

Essentially, the contents of the ASMR Relaxation are not vital, but if they are consumed, they have a positive effect on the electrical activity of the brain and the waves it emits.

ASMR Relaxation
ASMR Relaxation

Is It That Easy To Manipulate The Brain?

The brain is a highly complex organ that humans are still working on and cannot fully solve. It is a serious confusion that different brains react differently to the same stimulus, and even the same brain reacts differently at different times. ASMR videos are not prepared to affect every person.

So it is impossible for every ASMR Relaxation video to have the same effect on every person. In some cases, it is also possible to completely eliminate the positive effects. For these reasons, thousands and even tens of thousands of ASMR content are prepared and uploaded to various platforms. People who want to relax or want to solve their problems find the ones that affect them the most and relax their brains.

In other words, manipulating the brain essentially requires very serious overtime. However, considering the benefits of ASMR contents, it should be recognized that this work is worthwhile.

How do you know that ASMR videos have an effect?

While the conceptualized sensations of ASMR are difficult to measure, the evidence is generally a human statement. Although how recently the relevant contents affect the brain can be measured electrically, it is not possible for a person at home to make such a measurement. In general, people describe a sense of usefulness as if my head is tingling, my back is tingling.
In other words, when ASMR contents work, blood flow increases with relief; too much blood reaching the capillaries causes tingling. If you find and consume relevant content for relaxation, keeping track of these feelings can help you find out whether the relevant content works.

In addition, in general, relief from depression, easy sleep, or increased activity in sexual life, such as cases of ASMR Relaxation is evidence that works.

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