Does ASMR help our mental problems?


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An event or emotion can cause serious mental problems. If this process, which presents itself as depression, is not kept under control, the general health of the body is impaired. Depression or distress manifests itself with some symptoms. These symptoms, which resemble the onset of a panic attack, can be listed as increased heart rhythm, inability to focus and sweating. Is ASMR Beneficial for Depression?

Under normal circumstances, this problem, which needs to be treated in a clinical setting, is sometimes so interesting that going to the hospital may seem unnecessary. What needs to be done at this stage is to try out different methods, which include the ASMR Relaxation videos on the modern side.

Mental distress affects the electrical activity of the brain, the flow of blood and the beat of the heart. These conditions, which are essentially entirely related to the brain, can be eliminated by sending sensory stimuli to the brain.

Because each person’s thoughts and mindset are different, the fact that they are not a standard stimulus has led to the emergence of thousands of different ASMR Relaxation contents. These contents are presented by extracting natural or conventional sounds from ambient noise.

It is known that the brain exhibits a more stable attitude in an environment where it feels comfortable. That is, eliminating the mental distress of videos and audio recordings with ASMR content; It has a serious impact on creating an environment that will help

The repression elements in both urban and social life are not things that any person can easily cope with. It is important to use ASMR contents in order to eliminate mental distress which offers a much healthier and comprehensive solution suggestion in today’s drug use which is increasing rapidly.

The fact that the probability of harm is zero relieves those who are experimenting. Another advantage is the lack of budget requirements to experience relevant content.

asmr mental 1
asmr mental 1

Mental Distress, ASMR and Medical Support

ASMR cannot be used as the sole treatment for advanced mental illness. In fact, it is wrong to use ASMR contents as a treatment method. If you have problems such as sleep problems, severe depression, crying or laughing without any reason, seek medical attention. What are the benefits of sleeping by watching ASMR videos?

ASMR Relaxation content is more suitable for those who want to relieve the stress of the day and to relax seriously even for half an hour. There is also a case of assisting medical treatments. Every second and every minute; The emergence of ASMR content that can be accessed from all kinds of platforms, and the emergence of these contents as a panacea, triggered scientific research.

It is known that heart rhythm returns to normal, sinus waves normalize and a more stable blood flow rate is achieved if correct stimuli are found. The important thing is to find the right ASMR content for the problem or area of ​​interest, which is not an easy task today with thousands of content.

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