Why does watching ASMR Eating videos gives so much pleasure?


asmr eating

We will give information about ASMR eating. Every person has a different background, different experiences and a different psychological character in general. This difference also leads to changes in response to stimuli. For example, the extremely negative reaction of some people to the door creak or the contact of two metal surfaces is also a result of psychological character.

Negative and positive responses vary from person to person. ASMR Eating is a type of ASMR that helps so many people in the process of experiencing what might be called brain orgasm. It is so appealing to so many people that it is a species that has its own name in the ASMR categories: MukBang.

The main purpose of ASMR videos and audio recordings is to transfer an experience free of negative effects on the audience or the audience. The nutritional process, which is a part of every human life and essential for life, is an effective tool for the survival of pure brain orgasm. When people eat or watch someone who eats, many worries are automatically removed. It can fully focus on the watched or listened to the video.
Ambient noise-free, only when the food is consumed by the transmission of sounds made to the brain triggers some special electrical circuits. This causes the brain of the listening or watching person react as if eating, even if the food is not being eaten. As the most appealing brain to all of the ASMR categories is ASMR Eating, watching videos of eating gives you extra pleasure.

asmr eating mukbang
asmr eating mukbang

Do All Eating Videos Have the Same Effect?

The impact of which video will depend entirely on personal tastes and experiences. Unfortunately, there is no ASMR Eating video that can be called the best or most effective.
While the least-watched or listened ASMR video can have an incredible effect for you, the most-watched and said most effective ASMR Eating video can have the opposite effect.
Some things to consider when finding or producing the right video are important to increase their effectiveness.

1. Spoon, plate, food and mouth and swallowing sound to be fully transferred.
2. Media sounds can be kept to a minimum while transferring relevant sounds.
3. Correct arrangement of visual stimuli in the environment if it is video, not an audio recording.
4. Limitation of video length to an acceptable time.
5. Advancing the eating video in a similar way to real life.
In these ASMR videos, it was observed that brain orgasm or tingling sensation appeared much earlier; It is known to be felt for much longer periods. In short, although not all ASMR Eating videos have the same effect, those prepared according to the relevant criteria are sufficient for those who enjoy such ASMR content, and who have discovered that it reaches brain orgasm in this way.

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